Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to Remove Bathroom Mirror

When we moved into our house, the bathroom counter top was a hideous purple-ish beige color. It made me cringe every time I walked into the bathroom. I decided I couldn't take it any longer and did a simple remodel that you can view here. The remodel looked lovely, but the new backsplash was taller than the old one and covered a portion of the mirror. We just set the back splash against the mirror for months. Most people didn't even noticed, but I knew and I had to do something about it. I had two choices. I could either find a granite place and have them cut the backsplash and side splash or I could remove the mirror. I decided I would removed the mirror and move it up above the backsplash. The picture below is from after we took the mirror off, caulked the backsplash and side splash in place, and glued the mirror back on.
Use painting tape to tape up your mirror. This is just in case if it breaks.

The mirror came off it one piece. That's my dog Buster. He likes supervising my projects.

This is what my wall looked like afterwards. It wasn't a pretty site, but I didn't mind, because I was planning on covering it with a mirror again.

Step By Step Instructions/Tips on How to Remove a Mirror:

1. Tape up your mirror. This will help with safety in case it breaks in the process.
2. Cover your countertop and sink with towels. When you finally get the mirror detached, you will have a soft place to let it rest.
3. Wear pants and a long sleeved shirt. This is for your protection.
4. Hammer multiple cabinet shims into the edges of your mirror. This will help loosen the mirror from the glue/wall. You will hear the mirror start to loosen.
5. Pull on the edges and corners of the mirror. If it's still not coming free, stick a thin long tool (I used one of the ends of a contractors square that I had) to loosen the glue that is closer to the center of the mirror.
6. Continue to do this and pull on the mirror until the mirror comes off the wall. I recommend having two people pulling on larger mirrors. You will have to pull pretty hard to free it from the glue, but be careful not to break the mirror.

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