Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cute Happy Easter Sign

I found a new store that I absolutely love! Its called Wood Connection. You should definitely check it out. It is full of unfinished crafts that have examples of the finished craft.

Cute Happy Easter Sign (Craft):

I bought the slat sign and wood that make up the egg at the wood connection. 

I painted the slat sign white and traced the wood egg pieces onto cute spring scrapbooking paper. I then cut out the paper and glued it on the wood egg pieces using modge podge. I then brushed modge podge over the top of the scrapbooking paper to give it a nice finished look. 

I glue the egg pieces on the slat sign in the shape of an egg using a hot glue gun. 

I then used my cricut machine to cut vinyl letters for the Happy Easter and stuff them on the slat sign.  It was so easy and looks so cute!

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